Bus and Coach retro fit seat belt - hand rail padding

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Universal double sided notice for internal or external fitment.

  100 x 244mm
  sold in singles
  £1.75 each
Ideal for front area of vehicle eg. door, window or panels and the centre of rear window/panel.


For positioning within easy view of each passenger such as on the side window (1 label for 2 passengers) or seat back . Packed on rolls of 100 but can be sold individually. With the new black reverse side the internal labels are barely noticeable from the outside.

Discounts for 2 or more rolls

Small orders welcome

Original BHI 63mm - Blue reverse side

Internal version only
Part No IP63
24p each
28p each per part roll rate

NEW 55mm - Black reverse side

Size meets DfT recommendation
Part No IP55 internal fitment to glass or panel
Part No EP55 external fitment ,viewed
through glass so not recommended for dark tinted glass.
27p each
31p each part roll rate.

NEW 80mm - Black reverse side

Size meets CPT recommendation
Exceeding DfT recommendation
Part No IP80 internal fitment
Part No EP80 external fitment, viewed through glass so not recommended for dark tinted glass
29p each
33p each part roll rate

Prices exclude p&p & VAT
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